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Mintyn Bank | Debit Card

Welcome to a world where banking is as easy as a swipe, a tap, or a click. Introducing the Mintyn Naira Debit Card – not just a card, but your passport to seamless and convenient banking experiences.

With your Mintyn Naira Debit Card, experience the freedom to transact anytime, anywhere without worrying about fees or inconvenience. Whether it’s shopping, bill payments, or withdrawals, your debit card ensures convenience without compromise. 

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Key Features of Mintyn Naira Debit Card

key features of naira debit card

What you can do with your Mintyn Naira Debit Mastercard

1. Shop Locally and Online

seamless shopping with card

Shop easily online with your Mintyn Naira Mastercard locally. Enjoy the ease and convenience of making secure purchases from the comfort of your home. Whether it’s groceries, fashion, electronics, or more, your Mintyn Naira Debit Card is your ticket to seamless transactions.

2. Pay for Goods and Services

effortless payment with debit card

Purchase and pay for goods and services on POS without any hassle. Say goodbye to the complexities of payment processes. Simply swipe your card at point-of-sale terminals for quick and secure transactions.

3. Withdraw Cash Anytime, Anywhere

easy access of cash anywhere with Mintyn debit card

Need cash urgently? Your Mintyn Naira Debit Card provides you access to cash withdrawal facilities at numerous ATMs across the country, ensuring your convenience wherever you are.Withdraw cash on the go in over 5,000 ATMs in Nigeria. 

Who can get the Mintyn Naira Debit Card?

The Mintyn Naira Debit Mastercard is available for all individuals with an active Mintyn account, providing easy access to convenient banking services. Opening an account with Mintyn is an easy breeze, click here to get started.

Discover more features and services available with your Mintyn account. From savings options to investment opportunities, Mintyn has you covered.

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How to Apply for Your Card

How to apply for a your mintyn debit card

Your Mintyn naira debit mastercard will be delivered to your doorstep.

Say goodbye to bank charges and complexities. Get your Mintyn naira debit mastercard and enjoy banking convenience without any charges!

Download the Mintyn app today and apply for your debit card. Embrace hassle-free banking experiences at your fingertips.

How to Activate Your Mintyn Naira Debit Mastercard

Activating your Mintyn Naira Debit Mastercard is simple and hassle-free. Here’s how:

1. Log in to Your Mintyn App

2. Navigate to “Cards” then “View Default PIN”

3. Locate the section in the app where you can view your default pin for the Naira Debit Mastercard.

4. Visit a UBA or Zenith Bank ATM to change your pin.

5. Start transacting on any ATM in Nigeria.

Once you’ve set your new pin, your Mintyn naira debit Mastercard is ready for seamless transactions at any ATM across Nigeria.

Now you have your Mintyn card, be in charge at no charge! 

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Transaction Limits and Charges for Mintyn Naira Debit Card

Transaction Type Daily limits Transaction charges
ATM Withdrawals NGN150,000.00 N150,000.00 ATM – N35.00 (After the first 3 withdrawals within the Month)
Point of Sale (POS) NGN1,000,000.00 Free
Web/Online Transaction NGN1,000,000.00 Free

Managing Your Mintyn Naira Debit Card: Tips for Optimal Use

Maximize the benefits of your Mintyn Naira Debit Card with these useful tips:

1. Set Spending Limits: Use the Mintyn app to set spending limits to control your expenses and manage your finances better.

2. Stay Informed: Receive real-time notifications for every transaction made with your Mintyn Naira Debit Card, enhancing security and awareness.

3. Use Rewards and Offers: Take advantage of exclusive rewards, cashback offers, and discounts available to Mintyn Naira Debit Cardholders, adding value to every transaction.

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Testimonials from Mintyn Naira Debit Cardholders


“I love the convenience my Mintyn Card brings! From online shopping to everyday purchases, it’s my go-to card. Plus, the security features give me peace of mind.”


“The contactless feature is a game-changer! No more digging through my bag for cash. My Card makes payments quick and effortless.”


With the Mintyn Naira Debit Card, you’re not just accessing a card; you’re embracing a lifestyle of convenience, security, and financial empowerment. Start your stress-free banking journey today!