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Ecommerce In Nigeria: Introducing MINTYN Bank Online Marketplace

Ecommerce In Nigeria: Introducing MINTYN Bank Online Marketplace

Ecommerce activities have increased over the past several years as more and more Nigerians have access to mobile phones and the internet. The potential for a strong and thriving e-commerce economy is created by increased mobile phone ownership, improved internet access, and increased IT literacy.

Nigeria ranks among the top nations in Africa for e-commerce and online buying. The coronavirus pandemic boosted worldwide e-commerce growth, and Nigeria was no exception. More companies were motivated to join the e-commerce movement due to the widespread lockdown, stay-at-home, and social isolation policies. However, this expanding tendency is fraught with several difficulties and traps for emerging companies in Nigeria or existing online businesses seeking profit.

Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa and the fastest-growing ICT capabilities and coverage, with more than 200 million population, 63% of whom are young—77% mobile network coverage, over 50% internet access, and a GDP of $568 billion.

In 2019, ICT accounted for 13.9% of Nigeria’s GDP, according to the minister of communications and digital economy. This is consistent with the forecast that by 2025, e-commerce and the internet will boost Africa’s GDP by $300 billion. The International Trade Administration estimates that Nigerian e-commerce expenditure is currently $12 billion and will generate an astounding $75 billion in annual profit by 2025.

Meanwhile, for many people, stress is unavoidable. Everyone encounters this at some point in their lives, even though it may only apply to those who work in specific fields of endeavour. Even seemingly certain daily tasks, including meeting necessities, involve this in one way or another.

Introducing Mintyn Online Marketplace

These necessities include providing consumable goods and similar items, without which life would be challenging and exhausting. There are several logistical and infrastructural considerations at play, which adds to the stress of the situation. However, MINTYN Online Bank has considered all these when building its revolutionary basis. We have tried to reduce the strain of grocery shopping for you.

People from all walks of life gather there and present products of various kinds for the public to see. You never know if these are edible.

They might also be used in the home or for business purposes. People go to the market in this location to buy the goods of their choice from the selection. This is the same with MINTYN Marketplace, except that we deliver these local goods directly, sparing you the burden of travelling to the market. Orders are placed from the comfort of your home, and we quickly give the groceries to you.

MINTYN Marketplace is one of the several packages provided by MINTYN Online Bank, a cutting-edge banking system first released in the Nigerian market. This package differs in interesting ways from the conventional internet purchasing experience you may have had.

Types Of Shopping On MINTYN Marketplace

If the type of shopping you wish to do is compatible with what we offer, you might be wondering. You may want to go shopping or go shopping with friends.

1. Personal Shopping

You can shop on this feature alone to ensure some level of privacy while shopping for groceries. All you have to do is sign up for our app and choose from our range of alternatives. After these, you store your preferred products and continue.

2. Group Shopping

This is slightly different from personal shopping in that other people—your friends or family members—are also participating in the shopping or item-choosing, so this can be devoid of your privacy. The following are the steps of group shopping:

  • Create a shopping group; you can go shopping with your friends, family, or colleagues.
  • Create and manage a group: you will create and manage a shopping group to enable the participation of all interested parties.
  • Add products to the cart: following the selection of the products you must all buy, you must put them in a cart and then distribute the money among the group members. And it’s done in a way that everyone agrees is balanced.
  • Proceed to checkout. To facilitate shipping, you will make your payments while supplying your unique addresses.

How To Shop On MINTYN Marketplace

1. Download the MINTYN app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

2. Create a MINTYN account and log in.

3. Navigate to the MINTYN Marketplace.

4. Select your preferred product with unique features to enhance your shopping experience.

How To Maximise Your Shopping Experience On MINTYN Marketplace

1. Design a Budget for your Shopping

You must have a budget to get the most out of your shopping experience. This prevents you from engaging in impulse buying that might lead to overspending. But if you have a budget, you’ll be aware of your specific food budget before making an online purchase. This way, you can delete items from your cart or choose a less expensive option that better suits your needs if something seems too pricey or superfluous.

Additionally, you will have the assurance that your purchasing decisions are smart financial ones, which will boost your self-confidence as a consumer.

2. Shop for the Best Deal

Comparing rates amongst different online vendors is essential to obtaining the best deal. If you’re looking for a specific item, shop to find which store has the best value before making your purchase. You can use a price comparison tool like Best Price Finder to find out which stores have the lowest prices on food if you’re unsure of what you want or need.

3. Create a Free MINTYN Account and Fund your Account

Send the amount you budgeted for your shopping into your MINTYN account and have a delightful shopping experience.

4. Enjoy Reward Points and Cashback

Mintyn Bank offers customers reward points when they perform transactions on the MINTYN app or its marketplace. These reward points can, in turn, be used to shop on the MINTYN Marketplace.

What Makes MINTYN Marketplace Better Than Other Online Marketplaces?

1. You Get the Best Value for your Money

We are pleased to provide you with the essential items at competitive pricing. We prioritise quality for all the products on the marketplace. MINTYN Marketplace aims to provide high-quality food items at the most affordable prices.

We understand your budget is tight due to the volatile prices of food items on the market, so we ensure your money is valuable. We want to make sure you can receive what you need while still saving money. Since our items are valuable, we want you to feel comfortable using your hard-earned money to purchase them.

2. Fast Shipping

The necessity of needs can be instant; as such, we indulge ourselves in making your purchases fast and easy. Also, we understand the shelf life of some of our products, especially food items, so we ensure that our shipping is swift to your destination.

3. Reliable and Best Shopping Experience

Mintyn Bank is notable for upholding the value of trust. We strive to earn the unwavering trust of our customers with MINTYN Marketplace, which offers the best products at special rates.

Our marketplace has a variety of exciting goods for every age bracket (both kids and adults). In addition, you can get the best gifts on the market at discounted prices.


The landscape of e-commerce platforms in Nigeria is taking an impressive turn, and digital channels like MINTYN Marketplace are one of the best marketplaces to buy all your essential items, especially food items, in Nigeria.






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