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Convert Your Airtime To Cash At An Instant

Mintyn Online bank introduced a new feature that enables users to convert their airtime to cash. This feature is a game-changer for people who regularly rely on mobile airtime as a form of currency. The Airtime to Cash feature is now available on the Mintyn Bank app!

With Airtime to Cash, you can quickly and easily convert airtime from any network to cash and have it credited directly to your Mintyn Bank account. Whether you need to pay bills, make a purchase, or need some extra money, our new feature makes it easy to access the funds you need whenever you need them.

For those unfamiliar with airtime, it’s a virtual currency loaded onto your mobile phone for making calls, sending text messages, and using the internet. However, airtime can also be used as a form of payment for goods and services, just like cash. With the new feature from Mintyn, users can now easily convert their airtime into actual cash, making it more convenient and accessible.

Mintyn, the digital bank revolutionising how we handle money, has recently launched a new feature to change the game. The convert airtime to cash feature is designed to make financial transactions seamless and effortless. We’ll delve into the benefits and advantages of this revolutionary feature. We are committed to providing innovative banking services.

How to Convert Airtime to Cash on the Mintyn App

The process of converting airtime to cash is simple.

  • Download the Mintyn app (Android & iOS).
  • Simply log in to their Mintyn Bank account and
  • Select the Airtime to Cash option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process, and your funds will be credited to your account in no time.

Benefit of Mintyn’s Airtime to Cash Feature

The benefits of this feature are numerous, starting with accessibility. Users no longer need to find a physical location where they can cash in their airtime, as it can now be done instantly from their mobile device. This feature saves time and effort and makes airtime even more helpful as a form of payment.

Convenient Access to Funds:

The converting airtime to cash feature allows users to convert their airtime to cash within minutes. Users no longer have to wait for banking hours or go to physical locations to access their funds. They can now quickly and easily convert airtime to cash, enabling access to their money anytime, anywhere.

Ease of Use

The feature is incredibly user-friendly. All users need to do is link their mobile number to their Mintyn account, and they can convert airtime to cash with a few taps on their mobile devices. The process is fast, secure, and straightforward, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical skills.

Save on Fees

Traditional methods of accessing funds often involve high fees, such as bank transfer and withdrawal fees. With the converting airtime to cash feature, users can save on these fees and keep more of their hard-earned money. This feature also eliminates the need for physical cash, reducing the risk of theft and loss.

Boosts Financial Inclusion

With the growing popularity of mobile banking, more people are becoming financially included, but traditional banking methods are still not accessible to everyone. The airtime-to-cash feature opens up a new world of financial opportunities for those with limited access to banking services. This feature is particularly beneficial to those in remote areas which may need access to traditional banking services.


Instead of carrying around physical cash, users can now have the equivalent amount in their Mintyn account, ready for use. This eliminates the risk of theft or loss of cash and makes it easy to transfer money to others or make online purchases.

The new airtime-to-cash feature also offers a level of security that is not found with traditional cash transactions. All transactions through the Mintyn app are secure and encrypted, reducing the risk of fraud or theft.


In conclusion, Mintyn’s new airtime to cash feature is a revolutionary step forward for mobile banking. It offers convenience, accessibility, and security, making it a must-have for anyone relying on airtime as a currency. So, if you’re looking for a fast, safe, and convenient way to convert your airtime to cash, sign up for Mintyn today!







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