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How Digital Technology Unlocks A New Type Of Freedom

How Digital Technology Unlocks A New Type Of Freedom; The advent of the internet, computers, and mobile devices signaled the start of the digital era. More modern developments like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) make life easier and offer a higher quality of life. With the vast volumes of knowledge available with such rapidity today, which was not conceivable three to four decades ago, you can better explore your potential.

You are allowed:

1.To live and work in different places
2.To choose whom to trust with your money
3.To be private or anonymous
4.To choose your preferred business partner

So the digital era translates to you having the mud to mold your world, the world that better suits your lifestyle. We do this at Mintyn; we give you the transparency and freedom to improve your financial lifestyle for the greater good.

How Digital Technology Empowers Your Freedom

  1. Freedom With Your Finances

You now have more freedom to manage your personal or corporate account from your phone or computer, thanks to the disruption caused by smartphones and the internet in the banking and finance sectors.

You can start a Mintyn account in less than 5 minutes without paperwork or extended bank lines. The Mintyn app allows you to split expenses with friends, housemates, or family members.

Do you require a loan to grow your business? Interestingly, the digital world is simple and puts creditors at your fingertips. Gone are the days of having your loan application rejected because you don’t dress affluently or don’t meet specific educational requirements. With the help of online lending sites, loans can be obtained quickly.

  1. Freedom Of Privacy

Your personal information is your valuable asset, and how you want to share it depends solely on you. This means that you have absolute control of your details, which are data. You can control what you want to share and how you want to share it. Also, you can restrict your data privacy to how much of it you want people to access or other service providers.

Therefore, a good understanding of making your data accessible to reputable parties gives you some sense of comfort and security.

Big digital companies today have sophisticated algorithms that can replicate your way of life and daily activities. Regulators are, however, still putting pressure on businesses to ensure that they obtain your consent before collecting your data unless there are exceptional circumstances.

For instance, do you recall the cookie consent notification on every new website you visit? They request your consent to collect, store, sell, or utilise your data. But the question here is how often do you read those terms before you click on “agree”? If they could put the terms plainly, most of us would probably understand their motives.

  1. Freedom Monopoly

There is a cliché that “customer is king.” This is a phrase that many of us have come across one way or the other. In the real sense, the customer is king, and this can not be disputed. This notion harps the willpower that customers have to choose who to do business with.

For instance, if I’m at a marketplace with different vendors selling the same product, it is in my interest and right to choose whom to buy from based on my judgment of the product’s marketing strategy. Therefore, customers make their choices because they own the purchasing power.

But, you can opt for other businesses if a particular business does not suit your needs anymore. You can guide yourself by surfing different resources via websites or social media platforms to assist you in trying other companies that can serve you better.

  1. Freedom Of Location

The world is a “global village,” as many say, but immigration laws, visas, and border controls are some of the constraints that restrict your traveling across the world.

With freedom of location, you may now live, work, play, and visit your favorite places, such as museums, stadiums, and airports, without physically being there. The technologies that enable this include augmented reality, virtual reality, virtual private networks (VPN), 360-degree maps, and the metaverse. So, digital technology has broken the wall of international borders so that you can virtually be in any part of the world.


Digital technologies are the frontiers of our way of life. This is owed to their ability to make our lives simple with unimaginable freedom. This is similar to what we do at Mintyn because we care about your financial life and offer you a platform that caters for all your needs.






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