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How Mintyn Online Bank is Disrupting the Banking Industry with Technology

Mintyn Online Bank is offering Nigerians a seamless way of banking that can be carried out right in their homes. 

Owning a traditional bank account in Nigeria is not without its own attendant problems. For one, the actual account opening usually involves filling out numerous applications that can be time-consuming. After opening the account, individuals still have to manage aspects such as the cost of transfers (COT) and numerous account maintenance charges. These expenses significantly impact their savings.

In this digital age, consumers shouldn’t remain stuck with the analog way of conducting transactions. Traditional Nigerian banks, unfortunately, favor this outdated approach. This is why Mintyn Online Bank has devised a solution to these issues.

Mintyn Online Bank,  established in 2020, aims to offer its customers a free, innovative, and superior alternative to traditional banks. Formerly known as Mint Digital Bank, it emerged from the need to bridge the technological gap in the banking industry. Moreover, the formation of Mintyn Online Bank was geared towards leveraging technology to revolutionize money management and eliminate excessive banking costs in Nigeria.

Services Provided by Mintyn Online Bank

The services provided by Mintyn Online Bank encompass personal and business accounts, current accounts, and mutual fund investments. Furthermore, the mobile banking company facilitates hassle-free business registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The bank typically concludes this process within 10-15 working days. Additionally, the Mintyn online marketplace allows users to purchase groceries at a substantial 20% discount, right from their home, and receive doorstep delivery. Moreover, the TIN application process enables users to obtain their tax identification number without visiting any office.”

Features of Mintyn Online Bank

Mintyn Online Bank has several features that set them apart from other online banking apps. These include cardless withdrawal, free ATM cards, a virtual card option, and instant online notification of activities on one’s account. Mintyn also has an investment feature that helps its users earn a whopping rate of 18% on their investments in 13 – 24 months. Besides, users can make unlimited transfers without being charged a dime. This contrasts with the practices favored by Nigerian banks that insist on charges for every activity.

Further, if one has an issue with the digital banking app, Mintyn has a team of dedicated customer support agents available round-the-clock to promptly offer help. The app ensures high protection with the latest security features, and NDIC insures its deposits for added customer confidence. Best of all, opening an account with Mintyn Online Bank is the easiest part. Customers can have their own account in less than five minutes without needing to visit any office, as the process happens entirely online.

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Business Name: Mintyn Online Bank

Contact Name: Obinna Ogbodo

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Phone Number: +2349019119490

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