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Five Common Lucrative Remote Jobs

In the world today, there are many available businesses and even more introduced due to the advent of technology. Technology, as we all know, has made things very easy and has also provided entrepreneurs with options that were previously not available but could now go a long way in making their businesses grow well. Just like there can be physical stores, there can also be online stores and just like adverts can be done through traditional methods, they can also be completed using the internet or social media even for more effective advertising.

Almost everything, even as far as schooling, can be done online without any stress or issues at all. It’s always so simple and is even an encouragable way for people to go about their learning these days. And even better, it can be completed using your smartphone. Today, the online space has taken over and now many businesses have started exploring the area to be able to go about their normal business activities. While physical stores are still very much around, online stores are also working for different entrepreneurs, especially the ones who do not have sufficient capital to start a business not to even mention getting a location for the business

Online jobs are simply jobs that are done strictly in the online space. There are many of them available today and the thing about them is that they are all fully remote, that is, you don’t need to get a shop at all or even move around from place to place looking for customers or even going to work. It’s all in the comfort of your home and without almost no problems at all in setting up. The jobs are all available for everyone as long as they know what they’re interested in and they’ll also be willing to do the work under it. The online space gives individuals an opportunity to showcase their skills while also using it to earn some money.

The jobs you can also find in this online space are usually lucrative ones and you can be sure to make your profits provided you do things right and you also work hard to get the desired results. Remote works are taking over and many companies are even looking to hire individuals who can deliver results while working from home. This is mostly for companies without physical presence or companies who just need a contract staff or someone who can do a particular job without having to leave his/her home. Depending on your skill and level of knowledge, you can earn well from remote jobs.

While some of these jobs are not easy, others are technical and require a high level of skill or special training to be able to rightly deliver the results needed. Some of them, of course, don’t require this as they’re even basic things that almost everyone can do without issues. Even the technical ones, there are online courses that can be taken to get the knowledge you need. Regardless of this fact, you can still be sure to get clients and also make a good amount of money from the job you choose. It’s also possible to even work more than a single job at a time provided you can handle them both and still deliver good results.

The business is so wide that you can get jobs even outside the country. Just because you start the business and you’re based in Nigeria doesn’t mean you can’t get jobs to do from other countries. That’s why it’s online and fully remote. You deliver the results and get paid for work done without any problems regardless of the country you’re based in.

In the next subheads, I’ll be discussing five common remote job opportunities available in the world today and some important things to note concerning each of these job opportunities that will certainly help in giving you a good chance of getting a job and making money.


This is probably one of the oldest online businesses as it has always been an option for individuals who have good writing skills. According to Wikipedia, a blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page. According to, Blogging refers to writing, photography, and other media that’s self-published online. Blogging started as an opportunity for individuals to write diary-style entries, but it has since been incorporated into websites for many businesses.

Blogging can be done in two ways, you can decide to set up your blog and post things there. You will have to be consistent and also post content that will entice people to your blog and get them to subscribe. Some platforms offer the opportunity to get a blog for no cost, you can use them or rather create a new one with just a little amount of money. Based on visits, clicks, subscriptions and other things related to your blog, you’ll be able to get money off the job. The other option is to work for a blog. Many companies or even individuals are looking for individuals with good writing skills to help them operate their blogs or to be contributor. These companies will pay you to consistently develop content for their blog and provided your writing meets whatever criteria they have set, you’re sure to get your money.


This is yet another lucrative remote job. Social media Marketers/Managers help individuals or businesses to make use of social media to help them develop and implement strategies that will work to the benefit of the business. These individuals come up with a creative strategy that will be used to enhance the business’s chances of reaching people in its target market. There are several social media channels available and some of them include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more. All these platforms have their advantages and when used well it can lead to a huge success for a business.

As we all know, social media is a really wide space and it is now being widely used for advertising of almost any kind. Experts, who are known as social media managers, help in controlling and monitoring the activities of the social media page or account they’ll be working with. There are online courses available for individuals to study social media and the functionalities to be able to become experts so it’s something anyone can do if they know the social media space well.


This one is also as popular as blogging and social media marketing. It simply involves getting information on specific things for your clients. You might be required to create a large database of something related to your client’s work. Just like the name implies, it simply requires you to get certain information and then compute them. It’s a simple kind of remote work though there are some technical aspects in it but you should still be able to operate very well once you’re even well knowledgeable with how to use the different Microsoft packages, most especially MS Excel.


This particular job is gaining prominence in the world today. Graphics designing, unlike blogging and the other jobs previously mentioned where you don’t necessarily need a special skill or training, requires a specific level of training. Graphics design involves quite several things and to be well knowledgeable about the topic, you’ll need to master the art and the different ways to go in getting a good graphics art. Companies are always looking for experts in this field to help with developing good designs and to also work with content developers to come up with very good graphics content. You’ll need a laptop for this. Graphics design is lucrative especially when you’re good at what you’re doing.


This is also equally as good as the other options though you can even make more money from this. Affiliate marketing simply involves referring people to use a product or service and then getting a commission or pay afterwards. This is so simple and needs no special skills at all. You will be referring people to buy a new product or even an existing one and based on agreement, you get a share from any sales made by your referral. It’s pretty that much easy and you’ll only need to get people who will want to get that new product so you can make your money.

There are several remote job platforms where you can find any job of your choice, you can use that to secure one of the above-named jobs. You can also use your social media pages to advertise what you do and look to get customers from there.






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