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Mintyn Referral Program

Mintyn digital bank is well established and has all the fintech features that makes both our old and potential customers find more value in us; This makes us stand out from other fintech digital companies. The referral program is something we are proud of and is not like any other company referral program but ours keeps growing as we gather more customers around who are intrigued with what we offer as a company.

Mintyn Referral Program: What you should know

The mintyn Referral Program is a simple guide step that mintyn as put up for long, which some customers don’t know or are a little confused about. The traditional banks you see today, do not have a referral program and they don’t know the value in it. Referral Program draws my customer’s to your bank and it shows how much you care about the customer’s financial freedom. We know sometimes it might be to hard, to refer someone due to the little problems in it by those scam quick money companies. Referrals should just be based on ground rules that will capture the customer’s and the company at the same time. You don’t do it based on your selfish motive but to capture your good interests.

Mintyn digital bank is an efficient and exquisite financial institution with the goal of leading this customers to financial freedom and we are valued, powered by finex microfinance. Our referral program will enable the customer’s get that financial freedom and more funds to their account as well. There is a process that mintyn has put up towards this referral program and it is easy and faster then any other you have come across.

Process towards the Mintyn Referral Program (For the referred)

The mintyn referral program is just like playing a game to earn. As developed by geniuses, totally different from other bank referral program you can think of. when you refer people to download and register themselves on the app and get rewarded with money for your effort. But let’s look at the processes involved.

Steps towards the referral program.

1. Download the mintyn app from the Google or apple play store.

2. Sign up using the referral code sent from the person who referred you to the mintyn digital bank.

3.  Open a saving plan and deposit the sum of 250 for the minimum of 30days without withdrawal.

Simple and straight forward!

Reward interest (For the one who referred)

For every user you refer to the app, you get rewarded with ₦500 once the user you refer fulfils a simple condition. Previously, it was ₦1,000 but the reward money for referring has now been slashed to half the original.

What is the condition the user must fulfil before I get rewarded?

Before you can get rewarded for referring a user to the app, the user you refer must create a saving plan with a minimum of ₦250 for a minimum period of 30 days. This means the user can’t withdraw the money until after 30 days.

How much can I realistically earn from Mintyn App?

This depends on the effort you put into referring people. 500×10= 5000

If you make extra effort and refer 50 people, you would make ₦500×50= ₦25,000.

Note: It is IMPORTANT that you save at least ₦250 Naira for 30 days or else you won’t enjoy the referring process. Do the math, you save ₦250 Naira and you get ₦500, isn’t that lovely?

This is an experience/opportunity that can’t be left like that.


Mintyn bank has been doing great since and there is still more to be done to make that financial freedom grow larger. Mintyn bank is inviting everyone to refer their friends and family and enjoy this peace offering that lasts long when done properly. Play and Earn from mintyn now!

Download the app from the Google or apple play store to enjoy this.







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