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Quick Bill Payment With Mintyn

Bill Payment facilitates paying bills to utility, telecommunications, or other companies or authorities. This is done through the Service or channels provided by the Bank. With mintyn bank, we have it possible for you to select the bill you want to pay from our vast biller options. Just like in any other country but in Nigeria, we own our bills, and we pay by ourselves. So it’s much more confident and stable. But mintyn bank has brought that idea of you paying seamlessly without stress.

Bills come in varieties. We have the; electricity bill, hospital bill, internet services, betting/games, cable tv, remita, quick teller, mobile recharge, and data bundle. All these are essential bills that we pay for, and it is not that easy financially. However, it is necessary as it links with our daily activities at home and work. When we pay the bills, we are officially setting ourselves free and handling every barrier in the form of the accounts necessary for your professional and personal lives. Quick bill payment offers top-notch services towards all the integrations, with the most common billers, so you won’t be stranded.

We often get challenges in making bill payment for some essential bills we use all the time; whether for home or work, they are bills that need to be paid either monthly, weekly, or daily. Sometimes we tend to forget when to pay, and that’s a fact. Mintyn bank has made it possible for our customers (potential) to pay any bill on time. As digital bank, we are given the advantage of making payments of bills secure and faster. Keeping in mind that your bills are paid in the comfort of your home is something every customer looks forward to, and it gets better.

Mintyn’s Bill Payment Features

1. Top up airtime and data easily

We make essential calls every day, and as a businessman or woman, you need to keep your airtime immediately after it finishes so you won’t have to run out. The same goes for data as we are in a digital era, and we are always online 24hrs to see the new trends, news, and updates worldwide. Mintyn Bank has officially made it easier to gift airtime and data to your family and friends, To yourself especially. Giving to your family and friends, you can choose from the beneficiary contacts, which are more accessible with just one click.

2. Schedule the bills payment: This is another service in the quick bill payment, as we would be the ones to help set this up and keep you updated.

Steps to Schedule Bill Payment

1. Download the Mintyn Bank app on the play store or apple and register (potential).

2. Set up future payments for any bill and even make it recurring at any frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly).

Simple, easy, and secure. Once it’s scheduled, it sends at the right time.


Come on a journey with Mintyn Bank and experience many services; we are just getting started! You are making that haste while the sun shines with the quick bill payment.






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