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Apple Gift Cards

How to Buy and Sell Apple Gift Cards

Apple previously offered two distinct gift cards: an Apple Store gift card for in-store purchases and an iTunes gift card for purchasing content such as apps, games, TV shows, and movies. These gift cards were later combined to become the all-in-one Apple gift card, labeled “the gift card for everything Apple” on the package.

An Apple store gift card is a prepaid international payment card that can be used in place of cash or other payment cards. It is used to purchase Apple hardware from both physical and online Apple Stores. The iPhone, iPad, and iWatch are just a few examples of what they can redeem for you. Apple gift cards are available in grey, gold, white, and black.

A Brief History of Apple as a Company

Apple Inc was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, who began by selling personal computers. Their product became an immediate market success. Throughout its early years, the corporation experienced ups and downs, culminating in Steve Jobs’ departure. Jobs was persuaded to take over the company in 1997 to preserve it from failing in the market.

Steve Jobs accomplished this through an advertising campaign and by introducing new products. In 2001, the company launched an Apple store retail chain to sell Apple hardware products. Six years later, the company released the iPhone; the rest is history.

Today, Apple Inc. is the most valuable firm in the business world and the largest revenue generator in the ICT industry. Apple stores are now available online, thanks to the internet. The online store sells Apple items such as iPhones, iPads, and iWatches. To pay for these products, either online or in person, you must use cash, a debit card, or an Apple gift Card.

How to Buy and Use Apple Gift Cards

The simplest way to purchase an Apple gift card is online, at the Apple Store gift cards webpage. There, you can mail the recipient a physical Apple gift card or send the recipient an e-gift card by email. You can also buy a physical gift card at your local Apple retail shop.

Apple gift cards range in value from $25 to $2,000 and are not reloadable or redeemable for purchase in the iTunes Store, App Store, or any Apple reseller. You can’t resell them, use them to buy additional Apple gift cards, or get cash back from them.

Where Can I Buy an Apple Gift Card?

The only physical location that sells Apple Store gift cards is the Apple retail store, as you must purchase them directly from Apple. These shops can be found everywhere in the world.

However, you can buy Apple gift cards in Nigeria via Mintyn. Mintyn is a top digital bank in Nigeria that offers various financial services to cater to its customers’ needs. The platform also has an online marketplace to shop for your groceries and an online gift card store to buy your preferred gift card. So you can buy your Apple gift card on Mintyn within the price range of $2 and $100 in the equivalent of the Nigerian naira.

How to Buy Apple Gift Cards on Mintyn

1. Download a Mintyn app on your Android or Apple device.

2. Create a Mintyn account and verify your account.

3. Log into your Mintyn account.

4. Click on the “Gift Cards” tab.

5. Click on “United States” as the gift card country.

6. Select “Apple”

7. Enter the “Amount” of the Apple gift card in USD that you want to buy. This ranges from $2 to $100.

8. Enter the beneficiary details. This includes the beneficiary’s name, phone number, and beneficiary email.

9. Enter your “Transaction PIN”

The purchase is completed, and the Apple gift card will be transferred to your recipient email.

What Can I Buy with Your Apple Gift Cards?

Apple gift cards are an excellent option for someone who likes Apple products and wishes to load up on accessories, apps, or entertainment items. Some Apple products you can get with your Apple gift card include:

1. Smartphones and Tablet

2. Macbook

3. Smartwatch

4. Airpods

5. Overhead Headphones

6. Speakers

7. Wired Headphone

8. Wireless Headphone

9. Hubs and Ducks

10. Camera Accessories

11. Cable & Interconnect

12. Power Banks, and many more.

However, many people need help with how to use them properly to get the most out of their money. Here are some helpful hints for making the most of your Apple gift card:

1. Buy From iTunes Or The App Store Directly

The simplest way to ensure your gift card is fully utilized is to buy media items like music, movies, TV series, ebooks, and apps. This enables you to benefit from all the advantages of having an account, such as automatic downloads of bought media as new content is made available.

2. Exchange Used Apple Devices For Store Credits

Apple participates in schemes where used devices can be traded for store credit. By purchasing refurbished or used gadgets instead of brand-new ones, you may save money while still enjoying all the advantages of owning Apple goods.

3. Get Great Discounts On Accessories

If you have an Apple gift card for someone who already has a Mac or an iPhone, purchasing accessories such as speakers, keyboards, cases, and other peripherals is always a fantastic idea.

How to Add Apple Gift Card to Wallet

You must first activate the card by visiting the Apple website. Once the card has been activated, you may add it to your Wallet by scanning the barcode with your iPhone’s camera or manually entering the card information.

Once you’ve added the gift card to your Wallet, you can use it just like any other credit or debit card. You may check your balance and use it to purchase at any Apple Pay store.

How to Sell Apple Gift Cards

Apple gift cards can be redeemed for Apple products at physical Apple Stores. It should be noted that Apple-branded gift cards are only redeemable in the country of purchase. You can also save Apple products from the Apple online shop from the convenience of your own home.

However, if you don’t want to redeem your Apple card for Apple products, you can sell them for cash. Selling gift cards is one of the lucrative ways to make money online these days as most k these gift cards have a higher resale value, and Apple gift card is one of them.

Moreover, you can sell your Apple gift card in the following ways:

1. Sell Your Apple Gift Card On A Trusted Website

Various websites will buy your Apple gift card and pay you to cash in exchange. Some websites may even give you prepaid postage to deliver your gift card to them. Some websites will buy a digital gift card from you immediately if you have one. Before selling your card, make sure to read reviews on the website.

2. Sell Your Gift Card On An App

Some businesses also offer a mobile app through which you may sell your Apple gift card. Download the app, send in your card, and select your preferred payment option. Typically, that business will take 15% of the gift card’s value as a commission.

3. List Your Apple Gift Card On An E-commerce Website

If you do not want to sell your gift card to a website, you can list it on a website like eBay or Craigslist. You can also sell your gift card in real time for the same price it is worth, but it will usually sell faster if you sell it for less. Remember that websites like eBay will almost certainly take a share of the sale.


Apple gift cards open you to a myriad of opportunities ranging from getting different Apple products to making some money when you sell the card. Its benefits are all-encompassing, no doubt.

However, it is essential to buy your Apple gift card from the Apple Store, or better still, a trusted gift card store like Mintyn, as we offer the best rates you can’t find anywhere. Also, endeavor to sell your Apple gift card on credible platforms to avoid being a victim of fraud.






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