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How To Fund Your Mintyn Account

4 Ways to Fund Your Mintyn Account

Customers can fund their accounts without any stress, using different options of payment provided by the app. Reputed for providing a match for individual preferences, funding your Mintyn account is unarguably a seamless experience.

Immediately after setting up a new Mintyn account, it is important to fund your account to meet certain minimums to enjoy the mouthwatering interest rates Mintyn provides.

1. Local Bank Transfer/Deposit

You can use your local bank application, either on Android or Apple phones, to transfer money directly into your account. This can be achieved by using your Mintyn account number as the receiver’s number to get your account funded.

Also, you can deposit from your local bank. This process is similar to the traditional method of sending money into another person’s account. Walk into your local bank, fill a deposit slip to get money sent into your account.

For convenience, using your local bank’s app transfer is considered the best method of funding your account, as this can be done anytime and anywhere.

2. Card Use

Your account can be funded using your active bank card. It is important to note that your card information was fully secured and will not be shared by anyone. All you have to do is to click on the + menu button on your app screen. Click on “Send Money” and follow the steps promptly.

3. USSD Code

With Mintyn app funding, your account is easy by dialing the USSD code manually on your phone. Due to bank USSD code differences, you will be required to select your bank for USSD generation. You will get the code to fund your Mint account once you make a click.

4. Quickteller

Quickteller is another method of funding your account. This can be done at ATM centers. You will need your local bank’s card to achieve this process. When you insert your card into the ATM, you will choose your  account as the receiver’s account number to transfer money to.


Mintyn has made transactions hassle-free such that there are methods of funding your account that you can choose from for your convenience. We are going digital as the best digital bank in Nigeria, but it is providing services to keep all financial transactions at pace.






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