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Mintyn Online Bill Payment; Pay Your Bills At No Cost

What is Online Bill Payment?

In simple terms, Bill payment is a secure E-service that allows customers to pay their utility bills online. Bills such as electricity bills, mobile bill payments, water bill payments, insurance payments, and so on. 

Online bill payment aims to simplify paying bills. It is a service made available by a number of financial institutions, financial services firms, and other businesses to make paying different bills more efficient, readily, and straightforward. 

Life is easier for us now that we can pay our bills online.

Mintyn Online Bill Payment

Mintyn Online Bill Payment is a practical and effective payment solution that offers online money collections and payments from numerous billers and institutions.

It provides The Ideal Utility Solution. Bill payments include airtime top-up, Data bundle, cable Tv subscription, utility/electricity, Remita, Betting &Gaming, e.t.c. Even more so, Global Top-up is live on the Mintyn App.

Pay your bills wherever, whenever! Easy, safe, and straightforward. 

Mintyn bank provides its clients with free online bill-paying services. You can make one-time or regular electronic payments through Mintyn Online Bank. No need to worry about whether payments arrive on time because Mintyn Online Bank sends payments practically instantaneously. 

Mintyn Bill Manager

No doubt mintyn has an outstanding Bill Manager service that allows you to save on every bill you pay. In other words, with every transaction you make for paying bills, Mintyn, a reliable and secure platform, lets you save money.

Furthermore, with Mintyn online bank, you can pay bills locally and internationally and send and receive payments as you wish. Mintyn online bank has made it easy for anyone to settle their bills in-app. 

It is easy, convenient, safe, fast, flexible, and reliable without stress. If you wish, you can also keep track of your transaction.

Why you Should Mintyn is the Best Online Bank for Bill Payment

Online bill payments have made our lives easier; gone are the days when we had to travel to the bank or payment centres to pay utility bills, such as power. With Online bills payment, a lot of things are now simple.

No doubt Mintyn offers one of the best online payment services as it comes with a lot of perks, such as;

  • Save as you spend:
  • Security: 
  • Fast:
  • Flexibility:
  • Reliable:
  • Keep track of your bills.

Mintyn Types and Categories of Bills Payment 

1. Airtime Top Up: You can recharge or buy airtime from any biller or service provider, both locally and internationally.

2. Utility/Electricity: say bye to blackouts! As you can settle your electricity bill wherever and whenever.

3. Data Bundle: Data subscription at its best; buy data on any biller or service provider in your comfort zone. Don’t ever run out of data!

4. Cable Tv: You can subscribe to and renew your Cable Tv subscription, such as Dstv, Govt, and Startimes, to enjoy various entertainment shows.

5. Betting & Gaming: You can fund your bet and game platform such as Bet9ja, Nairabet, Betting, Merrybet, one_Xbet, Betway, Naijabet, Belton, and many more on Mintyn App, 

6. Remittance: Explore the Mintyn App to see different categories of remittance bills you can settle. Interswitch services, Tax payments, School fees, Travel and hotels, merchant payments, Mobile money wallet, Transport, and toll payments, Religious institutions, government payments, Embassy visa payments, and a lot more are available on the Mintyn Bills Payment.

7. Mintyn Global Topup: Mintyn TOPUP is now GLOBAL!With geographical restrictions gone, you can now top up your airtime and buy data anywhere in the world. Login to your Mintyn App to get started.

How To Use Mintyn Bill Payment

  • Download the Mintyn App from Appstore or Playstore
  • Log in to the Mintyn App
  • Click on Pay Bills
  • Select the bill category you want 
  • Pay your bill with ease
  • Don’t forget you can decide a save a certain percentage of your bill amount.






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