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Personalized Money Tracking on Mintyn App

Money can be defined by different purposes to people. To some people, money is meant to be spent while others see it as a raw instrument of investment. Regardless of the school of the category you find yourself in, Mintyn Digital Bank has designed a multifunctional tool to help you understand your personal financial transactions. This also helps in personalized money tracking

Mintyn Digital Bank is providing a distinguished banking experience its customers can relish on. At no hidden charges, the digital bank is continuously offering value that has not been witnessed in the Nigerian financial technology system.

Banking as a Lifestyle – Mintyn App Feature

Banking is a lifestyle that crops how we transact, invest, and even spend money to stay atop the financial benchmark of sustenance and survival. This is why Mintyn Digital Bank, via the Mintyn app, provides a special feature on how you can track the movement of your money from your account as it is being spent on certain things.

Digital Finance’s Impact on Financial Wellbeing

It could be recalled that during the 19th edition of the National Seminar on Banking and Allied Matters for Judges, organized by the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN), the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Godwin Emefiele affirmed that “Digital finance can deliver enormous benefits, not just for the payments system but also for the financial wellbeing of the citizenry and the economy at large. It improves competition, increases efficiency, and revolutionizes financial services.”

Analyzing Your Income with Mintyn App

Using the Mintyn app, you can easily analyze your income, spending habits, and other transactions through customizable alerts. With just a tap on the plus sign and choose “Manage Money,’’ you are taken to a page that displays your finances (such as transactions, money manager, scheduled transfer, and account statement).

Money Manager Feature – Tagging and Record-keeping

Having a click on “Money Manager,” you can tag any payment or transfer made to help you keep a record when needed for an account reconciliation later. Minty App Personalized Money Tracking is suggestive of saving your money well and cutting down expenses on certain categories to achieve your financial goals. This involves setting a monthly spending limit based on your transaction history while also tracking your money through a few months of historical data. Quantitatively this is expressed through a simple line graph, having both a short-term and long-term perspective.


Designed to meet up with spending and big-picture financial status, the Mintyn app, through its Personalized Money Tracking, can calculate your net worth while offering a detailed analysis of your spending habits. Therefore If you are looking for a way to set your financial goals right with less spontaneous transactions or purchases, this feature is for you.

To get started, download Mintyn app from your Google Play Store or Apple Store. Sign up for an account to access this seamless financial experience with a discounted fruition.






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