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Dynamics Of The Mintyn Debit Card

The Mintyn debit card is very peculiar because it is user-friendly, durable, neat, and secure. You don’t have to fret in the case of card loss or theft because your debit card is unique to you, and no one can do any transaction without your authorization. How?

Panless or numberless card services are being introduced by a growing number of banks and fintech companies in every major economy in the globe. The benefits of owning a numberless card become more tempting to customers as the ecosystem matures because competition keeps pricing low and services profitable.

The Mintyn debit card is PAN-less; PAN refers to Primary Account Number on debit or credit cards. It does not have the regular 16-digit number and expiry date you see on traditional debit cards. Mintyn debit card contains a chip, the cardholder’s name, and the CVV at the back.

Now you are wondering how you will make online transactions. That’s not an issue, as you can get your card details, PAN, CVV, and Expiry date on the mintyn app.

effortless payment methods with mintyn

Mintyn Debit Card enhances the safety and security of your money. Not only does it improve security, but the card is also neat and fancy compared to traditional cards. Do you want to be that trendy minimalist making transactions most securely and reliably? Sign up with Mintyn or Apply for your Mintyn debit card now!

Facts You Might Want To Know.

How is a PAN-less card more reliable than the regular traditional card?

Cardholders must authenticate their identities and connect to the bank’s mobile app to obtain the information needed for online shopping. The physical card’s chip would store the card number and expiration date instead of being printed on regular cards; the numberless card would only show the cardholder’s name. Along with the card verification value (CVC2) currently put on the back of conventional cards, these facts would be shown on the digital card via the bank’s mobile app, significantly enhancing privacy and security standards.

How can I apply for a Mintyn PAN-less Debit Card?

Applicants can apply for the Mintyn PAN-less card on the mobile app.

  • Log in to The Mintyn App
  • Navigate to cards
  • Fill in your details as well as your delivery address
  • Your Card will be delivered to you.

How do I use a PAN-less Card?

Once you get your card, activate it at the nearest Zenith or UBA bank ATM, and you are all set to begin using it. You can use your PAN-less card the same way as the regular traditional debit card, whether at the ATM or POS. If you need your card for an online transaction, the card details are all available on the app (My Cards).






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